I’m a computer and internet support tech from New Jersey that transplanted to Nevada back in the 90’s. One of the things I love to do it experiment on how to install and config Windows and Apple operating systems. Its fun to try to get these OS to run on different hardware and get them running the best they can.

I have been practicing website design and hosting options for years now, and I am starting to like this word press option . I’m looking forward to seeing how it works when I connect from other country’s. Also started using Microsoft Exchange for email along with some other options that didn’t pan out so well.

Country’s Visited 

Italy ( a number of times )


Mexico ( a lot of times )





I would love to get the chance to stay in Europe and live there, will be visiting Florance again early next year. Thinking of puting in a application to see if I can get a interview while I’m there.

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